hello, world.

Austin here.

I am an Indianapolis native, Purdue pharmacy alum, and current Kansas City resident. Drawn to buying my first camera through other hobbies, I had no real intention of taking photos -- I wanted to make videos. Shortly after I got my camera, I moved to Colorado for a summer job and was immediately hooked on landscape photography. As time has passed, my style and approach to taking photos has changed significantly, now doing considerably more portraits and lifestyle-type work. Simple compositions and negative space are incorporated into a lot of my photos to highlight a subject.

Photography, at its absolute core, allows us to capture moments. Those split-second, gone-before-you-know-it slices of time that you can never get back or perfectly recreate. Like most, I strive to tell stories through my images. Nothing is as powerful to me as the stories told through a frozen slice of time.

Thanks for taking a peek at my site and if you're in need of work done, please don't be a stranger and reach out to me!