Pick Up the Pace

Tens of thousands of people, let loose on the streets on downtown Chicago. Thousands more line the streets, clapping and hollering at loved ones and strangers alike. As I begin writing this blog post, my first ever, I sit from a 10th floor balcony at my friends' apartment in the Windy City (which, I was informed, is NOT because of the wind... us Indiana folk are grossly misinformed).

I headed up to Chicago this weekend to catch up with some pharmacy friends that I spent far too long apart from, shoutout to Meg and Carl for the lovely couch. On my way up on Friday, I stopped at Wabash to visit my brother for lunch and soon after I left, I realized my phone was dying abnormally fast. Now, I've had this iPhone for 3 years now and it's on its last legs, but today it was especially... bad. Relying on my phone for directions in Chicago, I watched as it dropped from 25% to 15% in under 90 seconds. It gets better because this grandpa-of-a-smartphone doesn't charge well and refused to charge in my car. Moments later, my car's brakes start making a peculiar noise. Wonnnderful. After talking to my parents on the phone and exchanging some stress-induced words, I wrote down the directions on paper (like this was still the 20th century, sheesh), buckled up, and continued north. I made it, thank God, a few hours later.

Friday night was spent with friends in Old Town and was mostly filled with pizza and care-free dancing. And in times like this, I am reminded of how fortunate I am to be surrounded by my fun, yet driven friends.

Saturday was divided in two parts; the first half of the day was spent chugging coffee, walking the city, and blowing money on clothes (whoops), while the second half was spent on a couch, cheering on Da Boilas to victory over Minnesohhhda, watching movies, and inhaling burgers and shakes. Personally, I feel like I got the best of both worlds today. A handful of photos from today are below!

Sunday morning started early and I hustled downstairs to watch the Chicago Marathon runners speed past me as I snagged some (below average) photos. I met up with the girls shortly after and we headed back to a fun cafe for some grub before my departure. All in all, a hell of a weekend in the city.

For the end of my posts, I'm going to leave a small, but simple challenge for you to take in the upcoming days... here's the first:

My challenge: Reach out to a friend you have not seen in awhile and set up a time to catch up, whether it's face-to-face or via phone/skype/facetime. It's crucial that we continue to play an active role in each other's lives, even as we get continually busier.